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Yantai Yongchang Precision Knitting Needle Co., Ltd.

YANTAI YONGCHANG PRECISION KNITTING NEEDLE CO., LTD is located in Fushan High-tech Industrial Area, Yantai City, which is called the hometown of knitting needles.we are specialized in producing socks machine needles, glove machine needles, flat machine needles, circular machine needles and all kinds of auxiliary needles under the brand “FEIJIAN”.The products has already substituted the imported needles and cooperate with many machinery companies.

Flat needle type

Flat needle type

Flat needle type

Flat needle type



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  • Energy-saving

    Energy-saving emission reduction: dyeing and printing industry to update the equipment tasted the sweetness


    Printing and dyeing industry is a key industry, but also a whole energy industry and polluting industries. The face of severe energy-saving emission reduction situation, printing and dyeing enterprises have encountered unprecedented pressure. But the face of pressure, some companies do not rest on its laurels, but difficulties. Recently, the reporter learned from the parties concerned, many printing and dyeing enterprises have invested heavily in equipment for technological transformation to provide a certain production capacity in the conditions, reduce energy consumption and pollution.

  • Computerized

    Computerized Embroidery Machine


    Manual engraved flat knitting machines have increased the function of intarsia. Its triangular adjustment and the working state of the tongue and the flat knitting machine is completely different.