How to choose the Best circular needles components


2023-01-09 11:31

The Best circular needles, also known as sewing needles and bur needles, are important accessories for sewing machines. There are hundreds of types of round needles only domestically produced. During the sewing process, in order for the machine needle to achieve a perfect match with the fabric and the suture, it is necessary to select suitable Best circular needles components.

The type of Best circular needles is determined by the model specification of the sewing machine and the nature and material of the sewing fabric. The working nature of the machine determines the selection of machine needles. Different types of machines should be equipped with different types of Best circular needles components. Regardless of the type of machine, the specification of the machine needle, that is, the needle size, must be selected according to the nature and thickness of the seam during the sewing process.
Generally speaking, the needle points of the Best circular needles used for textiles and knitwear are ground into the required shape. When sewing leather and similar sewing materials, the Best circular needles components use specially shaped needle points, such as spear points, diamond points, and Anti-twisting tips, etc., the purpose is to increase the strength of the machine needle and achieve a good sewing effect.

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