What are the characteristics that a good China circular needles products must have


2023-01-09 11:31

1. Smooth needle eye: The eye of good China circular needles products must be smooth and flawless, otherwise it will break or fray the seam when it moves back and forth, and finally make the garment a defective product. A frayed seam that snaps after a garment has been washed a few times. The China circular needles of Yongchang Precision Knitting Needle adopt a chemical deburring process, which can not only smooth the needle hole but also smooth the needle groove and other parts.China circular needles products
2. Strong point: The China circular needles products and machine needles are considered good needles as long as their points hold their shape during operation.
3. Flexibility: A good machine needle and China circular needles must have flexibility, which can be bent when subjected to a sudden increase in resistance (due to fabric folding), and can immediately return to their original shape. If the China circular needles products cannot return to their original shape after being bent, it is not only a loss of a machine needle, but it may also damage the garment being processed, and even damage expensive mechanical parts.

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