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single cylinder socks machine needles

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Glove needle type

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glove needles, glove machine needles, sinker, sinker for glove machines, jacks
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HOFA 71.70F6/93L


HOFA 71.70F6/93S


HOFA 71.70F6/93Z


HOFA 71.70G0127


HOFA 71.70G0131


HOFA 71.70G0133


HOFA 71.70G0253


HOFA 71.70G0256

"FEIJIAN" brand socks machine needles, 1. There are many types of socks machines. According to the classification of needle cylinders, they can be divided into two types: single-needle socks machine and double-needle socks machine. According to the organizational structure of socks, it can be divided into jacquard socks machine, embroidered socks machine, terry socks machine, etc.


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