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sinker for glove machines

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Glove needle type

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glove needles, glove machine needles, sinker, sinker for glove machines, jacks
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VO 71.66Y01L
VO 71.66Y01S
HOFA 71.66J017-1
HOFA 71.66J017-3
HOFA 71.66J17(A)-1
HOFA 71.66J17(A)-3
HOFA71.66S10-5 (Water Mountain) 8.2
HOFA71.66S10-1 (long tongue)
HOFA71.66S10-3 (long tongue)
At present, the two most common hosiery machines on the market are jacquard hosiery machines and plain weave hosiery machines. As far as the plain hosiery machine is concerned, the number of knitting needles reaches 144-156, which is equivalent to the thickness of each needle about 2.01~2.18 mm under the constraint of a needle disc with a diameter of about 100 mm.

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